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What I'm doing: 
I play music for a living. It's a crazy thing - how many kids daydream about being a singer when they grow up? How many of those kids dreamed of being an independent artist?

What's the difference?

Most mainstream artists are backed by large companies which spend lots of money on their artists' careers to keep releasing more new music, more live performances, new clothing-line editions, new tour buses, new reality TV shows, more stuff for millions of people to buy to keep the cycle going and going... Indies? Well, Independent artists typically don't have the resources to reach all those millions of people. Expenses for recording, promotion, equipment and travel are all typically covered by the artist, so independent artists often put everything they've got into their product and hope to break even at the very least. While the financial side tends to be a drawback, the art is uninfluenced by marketing strategies, target audiences, mainstream trends, what's selling, what isn't... It's pure music, pure art- direct from its source. It's what becomes imitated and creates mainstream trends. 


It's the twenty-first century. It's the future! People buy music with handheld electronic devices that connect to another universe to download combinations of ones and zeros to virtually produce a musical recording out of thin air! New technological advances are making possible completely new ways for artists to reach their fans en-masse. Patreon is one of those advances.

Think of this page as a 21st-Century fan club. There's a membership [subscription] fee. If you choose to join [subscribe], you'll have the option of different membership levels [subscription tiers], with each level granting the member [subscriber] with access to certain rewards and privileges. In this case, becoming a member [subscribing] can get you access to blog posts, unreleased recordings, access to live streamed events, advance copies of releases, VIP access to concerts, and more! Basically, if you're a Jake Penrod fan, this is where all the cool stuff is!

By subscribing, you're becoming a member of a modern-day fan club, and by doing that you're supporting original, independent music.

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