Hello, and thanks for your interest in online lessons! Just a little background on me, I play a variety of instruments and have experience in working with soloists, small ensembles, and marching bands, as well as "common folk" who just want to play. If you have a passion for music, and a desire for excellence, I'd love to help you reach your potential.

Lessons will be conducted via Skype (for more info visit, and those interested may contact me at for scheduling.


$25/half hour, $50/hour

Monthly Rates

$90/half hour, $180/hour - paid at first of month for weekly lesson

Lessons Available 

Brass: Trumpet, Horn, Trombone*, Euphonium/baritone*, Tuba*

Strings: Fiddle/Violin, Viola, Cello*, Guitar


*intermediate and up, only

Post-Beginner Instruction

A post-beginner is what I call a student with some exposure to an instrument. There is an understanding of fundamentals (finger placement, note names, embouchure, etc.) but the student is still in the beginning stages of his/her development as a musician. Post-beginner lessons are focused on fine-tuning fundamentals, getting to know the instrument, and making the instrument and estension of the player.

Intermediate /Advanced Instruction

The mission of intermediate/advanced lessons is to provide the experienced musician with a level of instruction similar to that which they would receive on a collegiate level. Attention is given to technique and interpretation, rather than the basic elements. For example, dynamic contrast and articulation of passages - improvement of performance is the primary function of these lessons. (Making it musical).

*Due to the nature of online instruction, the physical element being entirely removed, I cannot teach absolute beginners ( those who have never picked up an instrument) on this platform.  

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